The heat exchangers for these applications are the Finned Plate radiator type, whereas the cold air flows through the finned plate and the oil circulates internally through the tubes.

The fins are very thin sheets, with a sinusoidal profile, which together with the tubes and the rigid finned plate, to make it impossible for any vibration from the assembly to be released externally (among the fins) to the air.

The purpose of the fins is to greatly multiply the exchange area on the side of the lower coefficient fluid, which in this case is the air.

The Tube X Fin contract for heat transference is obtained through mechanical expansion from the tubes in contact with the fins.

The radiator is supplied together with the ventilation system to provide air flow among the fins in order to reduce the oil temperature.

All equipment is manufactured in compliance with the strictest requirements in this market.

Our oil filtering system is exclusive, utilized in the final manufacturing process of the equipment, in order to guarantee the removal of any eventual metallic particles from the productive process through oil recirculation, and thereby assure perfect operation of the power transformer.


Air-cooling mineral or vegetable oil in power transformers.


Apema dimensions these kinds of equipment according to the customer’s design operating data, in such a way as to optimize the equipment dimensioning.


Tubes: Copper

Fins: Aluminum

Tube Sheets, headers, and structure: Carbon Steel