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CA and CST Series

Water cooled condensers are equipment used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems for the purpose of rejecting the heat accumulated from the evaporator system.


They are manufactured based on the principle of shells and tubes (Shell and Tube), equipped with removable covers for easy access to the tubing.


The shells are manufactured from carbon steel tubing with an electrically welded longitudinal seam by the submersed arc process.

Tube Sheet Metal

Manufactured from standard gauge carbon steel sheets and machined in CNC operated machines, assuring final product quality.

Tubular Bundles

Manufactured from integrated finned copper to provide high thermodynamic yield ratings.


They are manufactured from cast iron or carbon steel to guarantee flow circulation flow of the cooling water at an ideal speed for good heat exchange.


All the heat exchangers undergo pneumatic testing at 20 bar dry air in the shell and 6.0 bar in the tubing. Hydrostatic 30 bar pressure sampling tests are performed on the shell.


  • Liquid refrigerant level viewer.

For saltwater applications:

  • Cupronickel tubular bundle.
  • Navel brass coated tube sheet metal.
  • Zinc anode covers.