• Sistema Hydro Cooler


State-of-the-Art technology in industrial fluid cooling

APEMA introduces its HYDRO–COOLER® SYSTEM, the greatest technological launch in industrial refrigeration in the last few years. It is an excellent alternative, as there is no evaporation cooler, and thereby provides increased quality, productivity, and efficiency.

These innovative resources are a turning point in this new generation of appliances, manufactured with the most advanced technology on the market nowadays, incorporating the latest innovations in terms of materials and components, as well as new available manufacturing methods.

Main Advantages

  • Constrains water consumption to only a few hours during the year as it runs alternatively only in extreme weather conditions
  • Electric energy saving due to fan operating management by the Softronic-Control®
  • The unique industrial water cooling system which completely complies with the ISO 14000 standards
  • There is no need to change the circulating water when operating properly
  • Substitutes the traditional industrial water cooling process through the evaporating tower and therefore, there is no precipitation and consequently, no internal incrustation of the tubing
  • Drastically cuts down on maintenance needs in heat exchangers
  • No chemical water treatment is necessary, doing away with periodic downtime in cleaning heat exchangers and reservoirs, thus reducing overhead costs
  • Provides stabilization of physical-chemical characteristics of circulating fluids
  • Avoids contamination of fluid from algae, bacteria, and fungi, keeping the system constantly clean
  • Adds stability and precision to processes, as it maintains the refrigerant fluid temperature constant
  • Modular conception, making step-wise plant expansion possible, as well as simplicity and savings

Operating Principles

The industrial fluid or water, when returning from industrial usage, processes, or manufacturing machines is cooled by the surrounding air by the HYDRO–COOLER® Line modules.

The MOTOR-PUMP® Line pumping station is also part of the HYDRO–COOLER® SYSTEM used for circulating the (water) cooling fluid to manufacturing processes.  (PUMP-MOTOR) seria a ordem certas de palavra em ingles e não MOTOR-PUMP, será é possível mudar isto?)

The Softronic-Control® Line is used as an electronic supervisor to control the operating conditions and manage the operation of the installed resources, as this interconnects all parts of the system.

  • Wet Spray Line®
  • Softronic-Control®
  • Motor Pump®
  • Hydro–Cooler Line®