• Placas Desmontáveis

  • Placas Desmontáveis


The removable individual heat exchanger plates are adaptable to the most diverse applications. They are initially used for cooling products which are sensitive to contamination, such as, for example: milk, juices, wines, etc., and thus these have been increasingly utilized for even other applications.

Easy removal is one of the main advantages of this equipment.

There are continual enhancements in these heat exchangers, as well as introducing them to other fields of applications, providing feasibility of applications which require higher pressure capabilities.
Dual laser-welded plate modules have recently been introduced, thereby leveraging the field of application even more.


According to the needs, a specified number of plates are assembled using gaskets or modular plates and pressed using threaded rods.
A carbon steel (or stainless steel) structure supports the plate assembly and assures the equipment stability even under higher pressures. In order to facilitate maintenance, steel bars are used in the structure to keep the plates in the right position.


The plates are manufactured from AISI 304, AISI 316, titanium, and other types. The pedestals are manufactured from carbon steel, AISI 304 coated steel, and optionally stainless steel.

The guide bars and the rear column are manufactured from carbon steel and optionally in stainless steel.