Heat Exchangers for water-cooled oil coolers used in Power Transformers, the shell and tubing types are used for this purpose, whereas the water circulates through the tubes and the oil through the shell. The equipment is manufactured from a sliding tubular bundle, making cleaning and maintenance of the water and oil circuits possible.

The Tubular Bundles of this equipment can be made from single or double tubes, in the latter case, when there is water circulation, even when there is no flow to the oil side.

All equipment is manufactured in compliance with the strictest requirements in this market.

Our oil filtering system is exclusive, utilized in the final manufacturing process of the equipment, in order to guarantee the removal of any eventual metallic particles from the productive process through oil recirculation, and thereby assure perfect operation of the power transformer.


Water-cooling of mineral or vegetable oil in power transformers.


Apema dimensions these kinds of equipment according to the customer’s design operating data, in such a way as to optimize the equipment dimensioning and minimize water consumption.


Tubes: Copper or Cupronickel

Tube Sheets: Stainless Steel

Shell: Carbon Steel, internally coated with an appropriate paint coating.

Headers: Carbon Steel